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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Funeral for a Friend - Memory and Humanity [2008]


01 - Rules and games
02 - To die like mouchette
03 - Kicking and screaming
04 - Constant illuminations
05 - Maybe i am?
06 - You can't see the forest for the wolves
07 - Building
08 - Beneath the burning tree
09 - Someday the fire...
10 - Waterfront dance club
11 - Charlie don't surf
12 - Ghosts
13 - Constant resurrection



annisamy said...

salam ....kenal ya:)

nice blog about music....

hope you can exchange link with me..


Bagus Surya said...

salam kenal juga gan... :)
terima kasih..
ur link has been add in my blog,,,

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